Artist Statement

Photography is my world. Though photography may seem perfect for registering what we see in front of our eyes, when I look at everything that surrounds the life around me, it opens up doors to other images that are within everything I see, as in a simultaneous reality. For me, the apparent is only a mask of reality.

I see more inside that out; I don't try to reflect what I see but what exists inside me and how I relate to it. It's also possible to reach this with photography. I've found a way to express what happens inside me, a way of no return that takes me to a new creative model, a way in which I see a clear route towards the future of photography, the one that I have been travelling on for over twenty five years.

From the time I was in my photography apprenticeship I understood that I was attracted to traditional photography as a demonstration of artisan virtuosity, but my internal world was unable to express itself with external visions and descriptive images of fleeting moments. The objects, the people, made me think of the object and not about my sentiments. The objects have an enormous personality and, by using them, our own personality should be able to be expressed through them, for me, this ended up being a tremendous limitation that I just couldn't bear. In my photographs the starting object is unrecognisable when used so that the image speaks for itself.

Like a repetition of the history of painting at the turn of the centuries XIX to XX, my photographs deviate from photorealism to enter photo symbolism with the metaphysical vision of a simultaneous reality of which I consider myself a privileged witness.

I understand my work as a necessary rupture with all that has preceded me. Of course I respect, I need and admire all the culture that I have inherited and that has fed my soul, but I just can't see or feel that way, nor can I express myself the way they did in the past. I consider myself a consequence of all its efforts, and I try to dignify them by moving along a new road towards a destiny that does belong to me. The world I was born into is much more abstract and symbolic and that is how I carry the images within me. That is my way of thinking and feeling.

Naturally I have had to find techniques which allow me to change the most obvious reality into symbols and the symbols into a new reality from which my scenes originate; scenes that I see when I'm able to take off that mask of reality. With my work I have discovered that what we don't see is exactly in front of our eyes.

So, with this mind game, I myself am surprised before the images I produce, because they transform into a mirror in which I see reflected unknown worlds that belong to me, that are me, and that I was unaware existed.

For those, who besides looking want to start seeing, will also find this double image in the mirror that are my photos. It's just a question of time observing my work.

I consider my work as photography; it is not graphic design o digital creation. Neither is it the consequence of endless hours managing digital edition programs. What is interesting to know is that more than a third part of my work has been done in negative, I didn't start using digital in my creative work until 2010. Each picture comes from one solitary shot and without this shot there is no picture. The rest is the work of my spiritual vision, of my imagination or my eyes. Who knows?